Sentence Splitter

The sentence splitter is a tool which given a text as input, it outputs the identified sentences surrounded by tags.

It is important to note that although this tool might work for other languages, it is tuned for Maltese.

Using the sentence splitter

The sentence splitter can be used in two ways: online, as well as integrated in other applications as a web-service.

Online graphical user interface

A graphical user interface is available here, containing different levels of tagging which can be applied to a given text.

Web Service

The sentence splitter is also available as a web-service. The WSDL link is

The service has one method which can be invoked:

    - String tagSentences(String text)

The method takes a string as input, that being the text to be split into sentences, and returns another string of that text tagged.

The format of the output is as follows:
<sentence> sentence_text </sentence>